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Guitar Lessons Flyer
Brokerage Interview Package

Interview package aimed at new realtors looking to join a brokerage. The style is based on the original brokerage branding.

Social Thursday Flyer

A vibrant event flyer created for a local realty brokerage to promote the their weekly staff social gathering.

Dirks Real Estate Brochures

A real estate tri-fold brochure designed for a local Vancouver realtor. This marketing piece was mailed out to a targeted neighbourhood.

Realtor Feature Sheets

Four-page feature sheet templates I created for local Vancouver realtors to use for their listing packages.

So Ultimate Magazine

So Ultimate Magazine, a publication given out at The Ultimate Trunk Show, a bi-annual shopping event in New York City.

From G to X Graphic

A graphic I created for the web, for fun. I hope there aren't any typos or errors. If there are, please don't let me know!